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Fla. Guy Impersonating Officer Pulls Around Unmarked Sheriff’s Auto

Not the wisest of moves: A person impersonating a police officer in Florida signals a real sheriff’s detective driving an unmarked auto to pull more than. WESH in Orlando stories that the suspect, 20-year-old Matthew Lee McMahon, „activated a pink and blue light Monday whilst driving powering an unmarked county sheriff’s vehicle.“ „I pulled about to confront the individual. At which i sue, he pulled up subsequent to me. Type of gave me the ’slow down‘ appear and pointed this finger at me,“ sheriff’s detective Probability Anderson informed 1st Coast Information concerning the incident in St. Augustine. „I was stunned to, No. 1, see any person influencing a site visitors cease on me,“ Anderson explained. „We really are a instead huge division, but I neverthele s know a majority of our legislation enforcement officers.“ Ironically, Chance’s function over the power contains catching persons impersonating legislation enforcement officers, he advised FCN, introducing that in the 10 years within the career, no one pretending being regulation enforcement had at any time experienced the undesirable judgment to drag him more than. The Related Pre s states McMahon is charged with impersonating an officer and unlawfully exhibiting blue lights. He is been released on $5,500 bail.

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