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13-Year-Old Scientist’s Investigation Exhibits Hand Dryers Can Harm Kids‘ Ears

Enlarge this imageNora Keegan, then in the fifth quality, presents her exploration conclusions in 2016.Courtesy in the Keegan familyhide captiontoggle captionCourtesy of your Keegan familyNora Keegan, then during the fifth quality, offers her study conclusions in 2016.Courtesy in the Keegan familyHand dryers are ubiquitous in public restrooms, but according to analysis a short Walker Buehler Jersey while ago released in the Canadian journal Paediatrics & Child Health, the noise they make may be harmful to children’s ears. And the study’s author can speak from personal experience.“Sometimes after using hand dryers my ears would start ringing,“ 13-year-old Nora Keegan from Calgary, Canada, tells NPR. „I also noticed that children would not want to use hand dryers, and they’d be covering their ears.“ So when she was 9, Nora decided to test the volume of hand dryers and find out if they were detrimental to children’s hearing. Nora’s research confirming her hypothesis was revealed in June.Enlarge this imageNora Keegan takes measurements in 2016.Courtesy with the Keegan familyhide captiontoggle captionCourtesy of the Keegan familyNora Keegan takes measurements in 2016.Courtesy of the Keegan family“Hand dryers are actually really, really loud, and especially at children’s heights since they’re close to where the air comes out,“ says Nora, noting that children’s ears are more sensitive. For the examine, which was conducted between 2015 and 2017, she visited more than 40 public washrooms in Alberta, Canada. She used a profe sional decibel meter to measure sound levels of hand dryers from various heights and distances. The young scientist then presented her study at a Calgary Youth Science Fair earlier this year. She discovered that Xlerator hand dryers and two types of Dyson Airblade hand dryers posed the greatest threats to children’s hearing. These types all exceed 100 decibels a volume that can lead to „learning disabilities, attention difficulties, and ruptured ear drums,“ in accordance to the examine. „My loudest measurement was 121 decibels from a Dyson Airblade model,“ she says. „And this is not good because Health Canada doesn’t allow toys for children to be sold over 100 decibels, as they know that they can injury children’s hearing.“In response to these effects, Dyson confirmed to NPR in an email that an acoustics engineer would be meeting with Nora to discu s her investigate. Excel Dryer, the company that sells Xlerator hand dryers, did not respond to a request for comment before this story was printed. Congratulations to #CYSF2019 @TedRogersFund award winner, Nora Keegan, who’s ongoing investigate into the loudne s of automated hand dryers in community places was printed inside the Journal of Paediatrics & Child Health! #makemorepo sible YYC Science Fair (@ScienceFairCYSF) June 19, 2019 „While some other units operated at low sound levels, many units were louder at children’s ear heights than at adult ear heights,“ the examine concludes. Nora hopes her results will spark more investigation into the i sue and eventually lead Canada to regulate noise levels for hand dryers. But for now, she’s taking a break and spending her summer like many 13-year-olds at camp.Update July 12: Excel Dryer, which owns Xlerator hand dryers, provided this statement after this story was originally released:At Excel Dryer, we are committed to our customers. User experience is very important to us, which is why all our high-speed, energy-efficient models come with adjustable sound and speed controls as a standard feature. This allows facilities the ability to choose the best settings for their restroom environments.Ashley Westerman produced the broadcast version of this story. NPR Ed Practice Makes Po sible: What We Learn By Studying Amazing KidsShots – Health News A Smartphone App And A Paper Funnel Could Help Parents Diagnose Kids‘ Ear Infections

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